Compulsive Gambling Program

The compulsive gambling program at C.A.R.E. recognizes the seriousness of gambling addiction.  This unique program allows our patients to experience and practice important life skills needed to achieve and maintain a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

The combination of structured living and intensive therapy assists patients in examining their compulsive behaviors and causes of their gambling addiction.  We believe that recovery is possible and that it requires an interdisciplinary approach.  Therefore, we provide a variety of activities designed to address specific issues and concerns.  Patients in the gambling track attend gambling specific groups, work with Nationally Certified Gambling Counselors and address both the emotional and practical issues.

C.A.R.E. works closely with the Worldwide Gamblers Anonymous community.

Pressure relief groups, family counseling and budget training are just a few of the services that are included in the individual treatment plan. C.A.R.E. understands each patient has special individual needs.  Therefore, our program is highly individualized, has a low client to therapist ratio, and is designed to address specific issues as they arise.  We believe this approach, accompanied with mutual support and the introduction to the twelve-step program of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) will bring about a transformation that will allow the patient to resume life with a renewed sense of well-being, responsibility and purpose.