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Choosing to live a sober life without addiction is the most significant decision you will ever make. You are to be commended for taking the first step and you can feel confident that C.A.R.E. has the resources to guide you through your recovery and help you attain lasting freedom from addiction. C.A.R.E. is a clinical program of professional training association.

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Substance abuse is a problem that affects millions of Americans each year. Substance abuse is similar to dependency, in that you can not overcome it on your own. At C.A.R.E. we can be that supporting shoulder, that helping friend, you need to overcome your addiction.


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Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused type of drugs. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 20% of people in the United States have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. Some prescription drugs can become addictive, especially when they are used in a manner inconsistent with their labeling or for reasons they were not prescribed. Those include narcotic painkillers like OxyContin or Vicodin, sedatives and tranquilizers like Xanax or Valium, and stimulants like Dexedrine, Adderall or Ritalin.

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Addiction is defined as a "compulsive dependence on a substance or behavior." But what if there is no physical dependence? Can one become psychologically addicted? There are two major types of addictions -substance addictions and psychological addictions. A substance addiction, such as alcoholism and drug abuse, is centered around the ever-growing "need" for a drug or drugs in order to feel good or "normal." Psychological addiction, on the other hand, includes eating disorders, gambling, compulsive shopping, sex and an addiction to the internet. These addictions may have no direct physical component, like substance abuse; to complicate matters, a person may experience both substance and psychological addiction.

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AnorexiaBulimiaComplusive GamblingEating DisorderInternet AddictionComplusive ShoppingSexual AddictionGaming Addiction

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